Payson Method

Payson Method is a company founded by Andrew Payson. Its purpose is to teach creativity through music. Payson Method offers books, music lessons and is currently developing free online resources. For more information, click the link below.


Payson Method Piano by Andrew Payson

Payson Method teaches creativity. It accomplishes this by providing a framework for      making music. “Payson Method Piano” is an all in one book covering how to read music, how to hear music, and how to understand music. You can practice using Payson Method and learn how to apply your creativity to anything, not just music.

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How to Read Music by Andrew Payson

“How to Read Music” includes all of the essential information and skills required to read music. This book covers treble and bass clef, rhythm, music theory, ear training, solfege and more. By simply providing what you need to know, reading music becomes accessible to all ages.

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Andrew Payson

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