Andrew Payson is a composer living in Los Angeles. His projects include the PBS documentary Portrait of Harry, a trailer featured on E! News, the podcast Erisa Watch and the show “La Belle: Lost in the World of  Automation” at Imago Theatre in Portland Oregon. He is also the author of the books Payson Method Piano and How to Read Music. You can listen to his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and most digital music platforms.



New Classics – Album of Piano Music



“Portrait of Harry”, PBS Doc (Score, Original Song)



“Wrestling with Chyna” Trailer (Original Music, Sound Mixing, Sound Design)

This trailer was featured in E! News, People magazine, Daily Mail, Us weekly, Extra, and more.

“The Trailer for ‘Wrestling with Chyna’ is just as intense as she was”– MAXIM

“Haunting” – FUSE-TV

emotional…groundbreaking” – PEOPLE

“Heartbreaking” EXTRA




Erisa Watch Podcast (Music, Sound Mixing)






“Throuple”, Award Winning Indie Film (Score, Original Songs)




Modeling Promo (Music)





Andrew Payson